Refund Policy

Inlancer Technologies LLP follows the refund policy as stated below and any client by registering for any of our services, agrees to accept our refund policy.

This refund policy does not apply to any companies or persons that we do not manage or employ, including third-party service providers or websites.

Before filing a complaint for refund, all possible attempts for achieving acceptable solution should be a priority. 

Refund will be considered as a last resort when nothing is working out between us and our clients.
Refund requests will only be considered if we are unable to reach mutually satisfying solution.

We handle every project in a best possible and professional manner so as to deliver results as proposed earlier. However in adverse conditions, if we are unable to complete client’s requests, then we consider refunds as follows:

80% refund of the kick-start amount if project is not started.

If the project is terminated at any stage of the execution, whether it may be after design creation, build development or any other phases, the refund will depend upon the amount of work done. 
Partial refund will be done based on resources used until that stage of the project.

If the project is completed or deployed on the server or app deployed live on app store/play store, no refunds will be done.

We exercise a 30 day standard refund policy whereby a client can request for a refund within 30 days of receiving his or product. He or she is to clearly specify the reason for the cancellation of the order that he or she had placed and contact our support team to inform them of the same. 

A client is to submit the request containing the reason for the cancellation and thus the refund, along with his or her name, contact details and the details of the mode of payment that he or she had used. 

It is to be noted that our team reserves all rights to warrant such a cancellation request. If we, on careful, unbiased consideration, deem it fit to refund the money to the client, the process will be initiated. We usually take a few days to start the procedure. 

However, our team is prompt in replying to such requests and these are taken up very seriously by the company. Our client has the flexibility to get in touch with us whenever he or she thinks it right. If it is within our office hours, we immediately look into the matter, while if it is beyond our office hours, we look into the request on the very next working day.

Cancellation Policy

If client wants to cancel any project at any point of time, then the cancellation request should be submitted to us in written manner with an authorized signature. If project is cancelled due to any reason, before completion, we will issue an invoice for the amount of work completed at that point of time, depending on the resources used for that work.

Any project delay from client’s side lasting longer than 30 days will be considered as cancelled by Inlancer Technologies LLP and it will not get restarted unless we receive the request in written to restart the project. In such cases, we will issue an invoice for the amount of work completed at that point of time, depending on the resources used for that work.

Limitation of Liability

Inlancer Technologies LLP will not be liable in any direct or indirect or consequential loss of revenue that may arise related to projects we have developed. We reserve full rights to terminate any project at any point of time without any liability.  

Inlancer Technologies LLP is not responsible for any issues, damages or downtime resulting from use of any of our services indirectly. Third party services are considered as independent of those provided by Inlancer Technologies LLP.

We may change the refund/cancellation policy without any prior notice and may amend this policy time to time. Please review the policy periodically. Your continued use of our website after any amendments implies your acceptance.

Effective date from : 11 July 2023